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Did You Know? OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Enterprise

AI Droid Commander
ChatGPT Droid Commander

The Rundown: OpenAI just introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, an organization-focused version of ChatGPT promising better security, customization, and unlimited, higher-speed access to the powerful GPT-4 model.

Key points:

  • Enterprise provides business-grade privacy controls and encryption, and emphasizes that no data will be used to train OpenAI’s models.

  • The upgraded version gives unlimited fast access to GPT-4 with no usage caps and has an expanded context window of 32k (compared to ~8k on the normal model) for larger files.

  • Enterprise includes a rebranded version of Code Interpreter called ‘advanced data analysis’, as well as shared chat templates to colla

borate and build out consistent workflows.

  • The update also includes shareable chat templates for your company to build collaborative workflows!

Our thoughts: So the new ChatGPT is SOC2 compliant (it doesn’t train on your data), has no GPT-4 message cap, has no Code Interpreter limit, a 32k context window, AND a new feature in shareable prompt templates.

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