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Virtual Assistant Deluxe Pack Gold 40 Pages! 20 Different Forms!

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Virtual Assistant Forms Freelancer Business Owner forms Independent Contractor Confidentiality Agreement Client Assessment Forms Package VA Gold
There are truly some very important forms that need to be filled out by your potential clients and customers, and of course, mutually agreed upon.
You will receive the following forms (In Word, and in PDF (Fill-in Forms). 40 Pages, 20 different template/forms to either print and/or email making it very easy for you and your potential customers!

1. Independent Contractor Service Agreement
2. Confidentiality Agreement
3. Client Assessment or Intake Form
4. Proof Approval
5. Company Profile
6. Appointment Schedule
7. Daily Planner
8. Customer Satisfaction Survey - Asking for a Testimonial
9. Daily Time Sheet
10. Consultation Form
11. Client Goals Worksheet
12. Project Specs for Graphic Work
13. Project Specs for Virtual Assistant Work
14. Project Specs for Web Development Work
15. Project Specs for Writing Work
16. Quality Check Checklist for Work Done
17. Template for Graphic Work
18. Template for Virtual Assistant Work
19. Template for Web Development
20. Template for Writing Work
You may edit these and use them in your own businesses until your hearts content.
All that you would need to do is switch out the logo, company name/address and emails to your own.

What you may not do:
Cannot be redistributed or resold.
Due to the nature of the listing, all sales are final and non-refundable.
These agreements and forms may not be resold, redistributed, or given away in any way shape or form.
They belong to the author and copyright holder; which is me. :)

Should you have any questions, or concerns please convo me, I'd be happy to assist you!
These forms may be filled out on your computer, or may be printed.
***Always consult with an attorney when entering into a contract or when using forms for any business. Wowitems4less makes no representation as to the legality of these forms by any State, locality, or jurisdiction. These forms should be used at your own risk. By purchasing this form you acknowledge and have read the statement above.

Thank you for viewing and visiting!

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Virtual Assistant Deluxe Pack Gold 40 Pages! 20 Different Forms!
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