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Resources, Tools, and Tips:  We can always using an extra pair of helping hands, and expert tips and resources from those in the know!  If I had a magic wand to have had these resources years ago, I would have been thrilled, but alas, that was not the case way back when, so my loss from years gone by is now your gain! :-)   The best part is, with every passing day, month, and/or year there are more and more resources readily available to us, but we just may not know that they even exist!   If I would not personally take the time out to read A LOT, I may not even know of some myself. But, since I am a Virtual Assistant, it is my job to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest tools, tips and resources out there!  It is my utmost pleasure to share some of these resources with all of you!    

Many people do ask me which resources, or tools I use for my own business, and it's a really good question.   While some tools work for some people other's may not, basicially it is for you to decide if one particular resource or tool is a good fit for you. 

One resource that I personally use is Hootsuite , as it makes my life a whole lot easier!  I've been using this tool for quite some time with successful results.  Probably one of the most rubust social media marketing tools out there.  One can pre-schedule posts to most of the major social media platforms in one shot!  MORE TIME FOR ME!  I highly reccommend that you at least give it a try!  It is free to sign up & m anage up to 3 social media profiles in one place, all with one password, and always with the option to upgrade if you wanted to, AND affordable!

Yet another valuable resource filled with so much information, tools and tips I simply could not resist it.  We ALL need to be social, on social, into social, social media, social networking the list goes on and on...Grab your 41 social media tips and graphics here with Private lable rights you won't be sorry!  
And that's just one free item, there's a lot more where that came from.  Go check it out! :)

I Recently came across this very easy and free to sign up and use robust Twitter relationship management tool and it's fun to use!  So much simpler and easy to use than any of the other Twitter tools that I have tried in the past.  Check it out by clicking on the banner below.