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Client Tool Portal 

Welcome to the Client Tool Portal!  The tools and resources you will see is actually for anyone who wants to dive in and get started with whatever projects are being worked on, but more specifically geared towards DIY (do it yourself) type dives. :-)  You may come across a few things that you might just want to try and truly love!  

The first of these resources is called Converzly  I just purchased this awesome item myself and I just love it.  Of course, you don't know what it is yet, so let me tell you...Have you noticed all of these super landing pages with a call to action JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE?  Well obviously they work, and work very well, but up until now there were numerous offerings on this type thing, but you had to know a bit more than just a tad when trying to install them, and/or you might pay a monthly fee and then another fee possibly for hosting.  But with with magic tool, you can have your landing page set up and running without any techie knowledge, in 15 minutes, and if you're even on the slow side perhaps maybe 30 minutes.  It's A ONE TIME FEE AND INCLUDES HOSTING!  Cheaper than you might think at that!  Don't believe me?  I created this page:  http://vabizsolutions.com/4-week-ecourse   right on this site using Converzly (FIRST TRY) and hooked it up to my newsletter system in 15 minutes without even viewing the tutorial, but okay, I have a few skills here and there :-) ; however, you don't need any for this one!  It's the simplest landing page +++ with built in templates that you can choose that I have ever used.   Give it a try!